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Trade Ideas

Tommy Pham is on-pace for a 4 fWAR season for the Cincinnati Reds (and whomever else)

Hey, there’s some positivity coming from this particular website! Kinda.

Cincinnati Reds to acquire RHP Mychal Givens from Colorado Rockies

More bullpen help!

Cincinnati Reds should trade Leonardo Rivas to the Angels for Raisel Iglesias


The Cincinnati Reds should trade for Cleveland’s Jose Ramirez

Of course they should. Everybody should.

Reds trade target - Phillies P Vince Velasquez

Could the veteran righty be a reclamation project for the Reds?

Zombie Trade Deadline Edition

brought to you by Red Reporter LLC

The Cincinnati Reds are in a prime position sell, and still win, at the trade deadline

But can they make the right moves?

Cincinnati Reds Trade Targets - Bullpen Edition

The Reds bullpen has been shelled. Is there help on the horizon?

On second thought, the Reds should go for it

Buying at the trade deadline is dumb. But what if we assume that it isn’t?

Trade Targets: Backstops

Let’s get ignorant!

Out of options fellas who might be available for free in the near future

Make sure to set your clocks forward because I’m gonna jam your minds so much you’ll time travel

A (n almost) Comprehensive Trade Deadline Primer

Who stays who goes who tells your story?

Should the Reds sign Scooter Gennett to a contract extension? What happens if they do?

What do we make of Scooter Gennett?

All he has done since coming to Cincinnati is hit like an animal. What should the Reds do with him?

I sure hope the Reds do what it takes to trade for Christian Yelich

He’s really good and totally worth it

The Reds had a quiet trade deadline

That’s generally how it goes

Boston Red Sox watching Zack Cozart

The Reds trading with Dave Dombrowski? Imagine that!

All quiet on the Cincinnati Reds front

The non-waiver trade deadline is exactly one week away, and the Reds rumors have gone largely silent.

An actual, reasonable plan for the Reds

Fer serious this time

A Fanblog’s Unreasonable Plan for the Trade Deadline

Shut your damn mouths for just one second and listen to me, you idiots

Rebuilding the Starting Rotation

The Reds boast plenty of wild cards, but is there an ace in the deck?

Could a Brandon Phillips / Brett Gardner swap make sense?

The Reds are looking to move BP and the Yankees are looking to move BG. Could this kinda thing work?

Adam Duvall should be on Baltimore's radar

Kicking off the Hot Stove season with a look at a contender in need and what may be a fit from the Cincinnati roster.

Exploring the targets in a potential Jay Bruce trade with the Cleveland Indians

Uh, this might not work.

Selling High on Todd Frazier

Selling high on a player is the most risky thing a GM can do.

The Reds are sellers. What isn't nailed down?

Wherein your heroic narrator parses the relative tradability of your favorite players on your favorite team. I'm not going to lie: this is bleak.

Reds Trade Targets - Left Field

Continuing the search for that long lost puzzle piece.

Anatomy of a hypothetical Reds trade

There are a ton of moving parts in any MLB trade, but the Reds find themselves shopping for something quite specific with a currency only a few teams are looking for.

The Reds should trade Big Pasta. Like, right now.

Regardless of whether they think of themselves as buyers or sellers at the trade deadline, they would be smart to trade Alfredo Simon.

Goin' Shoppin': What the Kinsler/Prince deal means


5 pivotal Reds players during trade season

Why the Reds should trade Devin Mesoraco

Or: the ignorance of valuing the Tools of Ignorance