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This Day in Reds History

What happened to the Reds today, but in the past?

The Athletics are officially moving from Oakland to Las Vegas

...and yet another connection to the Cincinnati Reds glory days goes by the wayside.

The final day before Reds baseball

Hello again, Goodyear.

The best Home Run Derby in recent memory

At least, from this particular perspective.

The USA & Cuba are talking. Pay attention, MLB.

The two countries have been at arm's length for decades while their baseball intermittently overlapped. How will today's announcement change that game?

TDIRH: Stubbs smacks a homer, drives in 4

TDIRH: Arroyo homers in win over LA

TDIRH: Happy birthday, Dave Concepcion

This Day in Reds History: Cincy deals Deno

TDIRH: The Ol' Left-hander is youngest ever

This Day in History: Cincy selects Votto in draft

TDIRH: Danny Ray throws a shutout inning in debut

TDIRH: Former Red, gridiron great, & Olympian born

TDIRH: Frazier: "Look ma, no hands!"

This Day in History: Happy birthday, Josh Hamilton

This Day in Reds History: Austin Kearns is 34

TDIRH: Janish bursts onto the scene


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