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Stat-Colored Glasses

Spontaneous Random Cincinnati Reds Stat of the Day - Nick Senzel Edition

Buckle up, folks.

Rooting for round numbers with the last-place 2022 Cincinnati Reds

Are there any?

Fun stats from the Cincinnati Reds pitching staff

A Friday List

The evolution of Brandon Drury, and how he fell right into the Cincinnati Reds lap any of what he’s done so far actually for real?

The ‘best’ of the 2022 Cincinnati Reds

Throw out that ugly record...and throw out a lot of other stats while you’re at it.

The Cincinnati Reds are Willy Taveras

Punchless, but how much of it is truly their fault?

Another periodic reminder that Joey Votto is, and has been, amazing


Finding help for the Cincinnati Reds vs LHP

Last season was abysmal against southpaws. Let’s find a fix.

Checking in on the ‘Decline Phase’ of Joey Votto’s career

And wondering what his age-38 season will include...

Former Cincinnati Reds hitters and their 2021 campaigns

A further look at what a few of the old heads accomplished this season.

Former Cincinnati Reds pitchers and their 2021 MLB campaigns

A look at what a few of the old heads accomplished this season.

The 2021 Cincinnati Reds couldn’t run at all. Does it even matter?

A quick dive into some of the uglier numbers put up by last year’s Reds

Postseason leaderboards devoid of Cincinnati Reds - A Friday List

As the headline inferred, this is A Friday List

By the Numbers - 2021 Cincinnati Reds pitching

How’d they throw ‘em, boss?

By the Numbers - 2021 Cincinnati Reds hitters

A look back at what it was we just watched.

Somehow, the Cincinnati Reds still have a 3B problem

A pricey one, at that.

Joey Votto and the Big Donkey

Imagine splitting a brick of beers and talking shop with those two, eh?

Walks Will Haunt

So we’ve been told before...

Has Eugenio Suarez become too predictable at the plate?

A quick look at the Cincinnati infielder’s struggles.

Carson Fulmer, Tejay Antone, and Cincinnati Reds bullpen usage

I’d call it ‘Behind the Numbers,’ but I’m pretty sure that’s been used before.

Cincinnati Reds shortstops have been awesome in a 1983 sort of way

Snap those polyester coaches shorts on and celebrate the good times!

Nick Castellanos and the quest for an elusive 200-hit Cincinnati Reds season

It’s been since 1977, which I believe was part of the Bronze Age.

The wOBA leaderboard since the start of 2020 looks like this


The Cincinnati Reds bullpen by the numbers

There are numbers, alright.

What’s up with Reds ace Luis Castillo?

A closer look at the early struggles of the Reds righty in 2021.

Who is this new Joey Votto?

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss - just different.

The remarkably unremarkable peripherals of this red-hot Cincinnati Reds offense

A glance at what’s fueling their fire through 10 games.

It isn’t shortstop where the Cincinnati Reds need the biggest improvement

Better play there will help, but there’s another spot that needs a giant step forward.

The one thing I hope the Cincinnati Reds leave in 2020

Never, ever to return.

Grading year one of Cincinnati Reds record free agent signing, Mike Moustakas

Solid, yet unspectacular...and that’s totally fine.

A closer look at RHP Ryne Stanek, Cincinnati Reds free agent target

A big righty with a bigger fastball.

A non-tendered Angels reliever might be a perfect project for the Cincinnati Reds

A bullpen makeover is in the cards either way...