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Reds Fantasy Camp

Pitching Ain't So Hard, As Long As You Wear A Cup

Slyde checks in from Reds Fantasy Camp with the first pitching experience of his career.

Fantasy Camp Update: It's Almost Playoff Time

Checking in with Slyde at Reds Fantasy Camp. Just 2 more games until the playoffs.

Fantasy Camp Day 1

Slyde continues his tales from Reds Fantasy Camp. The games have begun, both on the field and in his head.

Fantasy Camp: I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Red Reporter's very own Slyde is traveling to Reds Fantasy Camp this week. Follow along all week to see the many ways that he embarrasses himself.

Reds Fantasy Camp Update: My trip will be postponed until next year

Reds Fantasy Camp Update

Holy crap, I'm going to Reds Fantasy Camp!