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Red Reposter

Red Reposter - Joey Votto busts his ash

Monday links!

There are rich teams and there are poor teams, then there’s 50 feet of crap, and then there’s us

Wednesday link(s)!

Red Reposter - ZiPS projections, Ricardo Cabrera, and the MLB lockout

Thursday links!

Reds Rumor Roundup - Castellanos wants 8-year deal, Reds shopping Castillo, Gray

Monday news!

MLB roundup - Pirates sign Jose Quintana, Sandy Alcantara extension in Miami

Baseball teams making moves to get better? Imagine that!

Red Reposter - Joey Votto jobbed out of another Silver Slugger award

Friday links!

Red Reposter - Posey retires, Tigers add Barnhart, MLB roundup

Friday links!

Red Reposter - Who wants a Gold Glove, anyway?

Monday links!

Red Reposter - Reds shortstop in 2022, Dusty Baker in the World Series

Monday links

Red Reposter - Offseason questions, offseason blues

Tuesday links!

An incomplete list of Friday Lists from this, another lost Reds season

Here we are again, once more.

Red Reposter - Playoff racin’ with the Cards and Padres, Jesse Winker nears return

Tuesday links!

Red Reposter - Joey Votto one homer away from Gary Carter

Tuesday links!

Red Reposter - Joey Votto, Hall of Famer

Thursday links!

Red Reposter - Joey Votto still bangs, Jose Barrero added to Futures Game

Monday links!

Red Reposter - Jesse Winker’s breakout began long ago

Monday links!

Red Reposter - When will we see Michael Lorenzen?

Friday links!

Good Morning, Charlie - A Good Week, huh?

I don’t know what I’m doing here

Good Morning, Charlie - The good, the bad, and the bloggy

Things happen

Good Morning, Charlie - What’s Good Today

Some good things, some crummy things

Good Morning, Charlie

Red Reposter - 2020 really did change everything huh

The Reds are jammin’ now dontcha know?!

Red Reposter - Baseball’s Eve

Some shit that’s happening with the Reds as we all beginning filling our wineskins in anticipation of Opening Day.

Red Reposter - Aristides Aquino out of options, roster projections

Thursday links!

Red Reposter - Hunter Greene, Nick Lodolo, and a delayed AAA start

Wednesday links!

Red Reposter - San Diego Padres in on P Sonny Gray?

Friday links!

Red Reposter - Virtual Winter Meetings edition

Monday links!

Red Reposter - Roster moves ahead of the Rule 5 Draft

Thursday links!

Red Reposter - Didi Gregorius, the minor leagues, & more

Monday links!

Red Reposter - The pitchers are spinning it (literally)

Let’s talk about spin rate, among other things

Red Reposter - Nick Senzel’s elbow, Reds sign Jackson Miller

Links, and the like.

Red Reposter - Minor league season officially kaput

Tuesday links, sans exclamation point.