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Second-half storylines for the first-place Cincinnati Reds

Walks Will Haunt discussed that, and more, on their latest episode.

Reds resilience shows they’re deserving of the same help other contenders will receive

Go find ‘em some help!

First place, an 11-game win streak, and the Cincinnati Reds are riding high

I got tears in my eyes.

Podcast - Elly De La Cruz takes Cincinnati, and the baseball world, by storm

The latest from Walks Will Haunt!

Podcast - Nick Senzel sends Reds to sweep of Texas Rangers, & AAA Louisville heats up

The latest episode of Walks Will Haunt is live!

TJ Friedl’s walk-off hit gives Cincinnati Reds a win, some hope, and a breath of fresh air

A win! A real, live win!

Silver linings from a 1-5 Cincinnati Reds road trip

A podcast.

Jason Vosler, Lord of the Cincinnati Reds

The latest episode of Walks Will Haunt highlights Week One of the 2023 Cincinnati Reds season.

An Epic World Baseball Classic and Joey Votto returns to the Cincinnati Reds

Walks Will Haunt!

The Brandon Williamson Hype Train

Episode 2 of Walks Will Haunt on the lefty’s path to an Opening Day roster spot.

Walks Will Haunt

A Podcast of the Red Reporter variety.

Cincinnati Reds deal Tucker Barnhart, and the offseason speculation begins

Fallout from today’s trade that sent Tucker to the Detroit Tigers.

The path to the playoffs for the Cincinnati Reds

One month of baseball. One. Month.

Joey Votto carried the Reds into ‘buyer’ status at the trade deadline. Is it enough?

A Podcast.

The Reds season is on the line with one (fractured) arm tied behind their back

Bleav in Reds tackles the last week in Reds news on the pods.

The Braves are under .500 and buying. Your move, Reds.

A Podcast!

Above .500 in July? The Cincinnati Reds must be buyers, folks

A Podcast!

Podcast - The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Cincinnati Reds at 60 games

Bleav in Reds - Episode One

It’s time to win some f*cking games, Reds

A Podcast.

Podcast - Spin rate as the new ‘Moneyball’

Words spoken into microphones for your ears!

Nick Senzel, the shortstop void, and the 2021 Cincinnati Reds

The RR Podcast tackles the latest topics in Redsland.

Just what exactly are the Cincinnati Reds doing?

The Red Reporter Podcast yaps it out.

State of the Reds - What’s good, what’s bad at the 1/3rd mark of the season

20 games into the 60 game sprint, what’s been good, bad, and all things in between.

Podcast: MLB schedule released, and the Cincinnati Reds lucked out

The news of the week - in audio form.

Podcast: Cincinnati Reds, Major League Baseball return

The Red Reporter Podcast returns, too.

Podcast: Nick Senzel set to return for Cincinnati Reds as spring training rolls on

Welcome back to us yelling at your earholes!

Podcast: Cincinnati Reds sign Mike Moustakas to 4 year, $64 million deal

That, the non-tender deadline, and where the Reds go from here.

Podcast: Where the Cincinnati Reds turn in a post Yasmani Grandal world your ears...

Podcast: Cincinnati Reds have money and are talking to everyone

Breaking down the Reds Hot Stove and tossing it right into your earholes.

Podcast: Reds hire Kyle Boddy, set to chase Yasmani Grandal in free agency

The Reds aren’t playing anymore, but they’re still making news.

Podcast: The retirement of Marty Brennaman, Eugenio Suarez dinger binge, and the 2020 Cincinnati Reds


Podcast: Aristides Aquino is real, and the Cincinnati Reds RF is fantastic

Wax your ears and tune in!


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