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Predicting the NLDS roster & Game 1 lineup

Early edition.

For Dusty: Reds clinch NL Central title on their own terms

Reds clinch!

Two legit to quit

The Reds equaled their 2010 win total and "clinched a post-season berth" yesterday - the latter of which is certainly a positive but does not really feel like anything. We're still counting down here and kicking it pre-'94 pennant race style.

Three is a Magic Number

The Reds won their 90th game last night to cut the magic number to three.

FOUR MORE!... wins by the Reds, losses by the Cardinals (or a combination thereof)

The Reds' Magic Number is 4.

Playoff roster, playoff races

In 2010, the Reds took 11 pitchers and 14 position players, essentially leaving off Aaron Harang in favor of Juan Francisco. I'd expect them to do something similar this time - especially since they don't need to cobble together a bullpen full of sit

Prepping for the Playoffs

The Reds are all but assured a spot in the playoffs, so how should they play out the rest of the season?

Down-the-stretch marks: The Reds' post-season is getting real

If the Reds don't ease up, they could capture the "#1 seed" in the NL, which would mean opening with "home-field advantage" throughout the playoffs (and in the World Series, since the NL won despite Votto's best efforts).

How safe is the Reds' 8-game lead in the NL Central?

Looking behind the Reds as they chase the pennant, even though they say you shouldn't.

Adding a playoff team: what it means for the Reds' chances

Jerry Hairston: An appreciation

A quick one about former Red Jerry Hairston.

Playoff Matchup: Rangers and Rays

A statistical look at the first playoff series to take the field, the Rangers and Rays.

Sic Transit Gloria: A Lucky Seven Reasons for Cautious Optimism in Game Two

Take dead aim, Bronson. Get them in the crosshairs, and take them down. Just remember, they can buy anything but they can't buy backbone. Don't let them forget it.

Red Repost-trauma-er: Question Time

Given the infinite vastness of the universe, Roy Halladay's perfect game was utterly meaningless. It was still pretty cool though - in all those parallel worlds where I'm not a Reds fan.

Five Things the Reds Need to Do to Win the LDS

The Reds are heavy underdogs for their series against the Phillies. Here are five things they can do to overcome that.

Five Questions on the Phillies with The Good Phight

Red Reporter checks in with SB Nation Phillies blog, The Good Phight, to find out what makes the Phillies tick.

Clinchmas Open Thread

Monday Night Open Thread: Something may or may not happen tonight

2010 MLB Playoffs: Who Do You Want in the First Round?

Who do you want the Reds to face in the first round of the playoffs?

Off Day Open Thread: Playoff Roster

Everybody else is making a playoff roster prediction, why can't I?

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