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Pitch Charts / Pitch(fx)

The Cincinnati Reds might have an ace in Luis Castillo

There’s tons to like about the talent of the former Giants prospect, but also about his path to the majors.

Red light for the Brox truck?

Should the Reds be worried about Jonathan Broxton?

Another look at Mat Latos' splits

Mat Latos, explained.

Lighting up the gun in L.A.

Is Homer better than Homer?

Why isn't Chapman perfect anymore?

Looking at Aroldis Chapman: demi-god.

Mat Latos and the missing slider

Mat Latos and the missing slider

Breaking bad: What pitches are fooling Reds' hitters so far?

Investigating which pitches are confounding the bats the most in the early-going, while acknowledging that it's only 10% of the season.

Bronson Arroyo and the 40-Home Run Fraternity

Bronson Arroyo and the 40-Home Run Fraternity

Scouting Reds Pitchers: A New Francisco Cordero?

An analysis of Francisco Cordero's new approach in 2011.

Scouting Reds Pitchers: Mike Leake

Pitch by pitch breakdown of Mike Leake.

Scouting Reds Pitchers: Travis Wood

Pitch by pitch breakdown of Travis Wood's pitches and tendencies.

Scouting Reds Pitchers: Homer Bailey

Pitch by pitch breakdown on Homer Bailey.

Scouting Reds Pitchers: Bronson Arroyo

Pitch-by-pitch breakdown of Bronson Arroyo's repertoire.

Scouting Reds Pitchers: Johnny Cueto

Pitch-by-pitch scouting report on Johnny Cueto.

Scouting Reds Pitchers: Edinson Volquez

A breakdown of Edinson Volquez's pitch repertoire, based on pitchf/x.

Breaking Down Jay Bruce

Red Reporter tries to break down Jay Bruce's rookie season to see where he likes to hit the ball in the zone and where he struggles.