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Milwaukee Brewers add Jackie Bradley, Jr., more defense to NL Central

Spending money? Again? Teams can do that?!

The All-Exodus team, formerly of the National League Central

Just how good would they be?

The next Cincinnati Reds contract extension

Follow the money!

Checking in on former Reds still playing in the playoffs

The Reds aren’t playing anymore, but these dudes are.

Baseball players don’t owe us a damn thing

If the owners can’t assure health and safety of the players without fair compensation, then maybe there shouldn’t be baseball at all.

Fred Regorter’s Favorite Holiday Tunes

A Friday List (for Christmas!)

Cincinnati Reds trade targets - Tampa Bay Rays OF Tommy Pham

Trying to fix the Reds offense the only way we know how.

The 2019 Cincinnati Reds finally tried yet still failed

A look back at the most recent 162 game slate.

Stick a fork in the 2019 Cincinnati Reds

It was coming, even if we tried to ignore it. It’s now here.

The early returns on the Homer Bailey/Yasiel Puig trade have been good...for the Royals?

Of course!

Scooter Gennett wants a contract that the Cincinnati Reds haven’t yet offered

The first drama after an offseason rife with enthusiasm.

The Cincinnati Reds might not have a ‘record payroll’ in 2019 after all

That’s also, fine. Really, it is.

The Cincinnati Reds are still rebuilding, they’re just making it more fun

Ya know what? That’s a totally fine admission.

David Bell hints at how he’ll manage the Cincinnati Reds pitching staff

It’s early in camp, but some clear roles are being defined.

What if the Cincinnati Reds finally get a healthy Anthony DeSclafani?

The righty is healthy, again. For now.

MLB is considering rule changes for 2019, including the DH in the National League

And like it or not, the Cincinnati Reds might be in a good spot for these changes.

Cincinnati Reds spring training storylines

It’s early, but here is ‘a’ look.

The Cincinnati Reds have made all the right moves this offseason

The best part is that they might not be finished.

Does Brandon Finnegan still have a role with the Cincinnati Reds?

In ten months time, the lefty has gone from expected rotation cog to the most tenuous spot on the 40-man roster.

2018 in review: Cincinnati Reds finally find rock bottom

Fortunately, it should be on the up-and-up from here.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Enjoyable late-December afternoon!

We just hope you’re warm.

Reds trade targets - Yankees RHP Sonny Gray

Is a bounce-back year for Gray in the cards?

Three moves the same old Cincinnati Reds would make this offseason

This is a book you’ve read before.

Reds announce season-long celebration of 150 years of professional baseball in Cincinnati

Throwbacks and promotions galore!

Brandon Dixon, Austin Brice claimed off waivers; Cincinnati Reds claim Matthew Bowman from Cardinals

A Friday flurry of roster moves.

It’s SB Nation MLB GM Simulation time again!

Our annual foray into team building.

This is a make or break offseason for the Cincinnati Reds

Winter Meetings are coming.

What we’re looking for in the next Cincinnati Reds manager

A communicator, an opportunist, and a vehement anti-bunt propagandist, preferably.

There’s no way the Cincinnati Reds trade Scooter Gennett this offseason

Nope. No chance.

Is the Cincinnati Reds outfield really good enough as is?

We often overlook it, but it’s been awhile since that group was anywhere close to average.

Just how much money do the Cincinnati Reds have to spend this winter?

A closer, updated look at what’s already on their projected ‘record’ payroll.

What if the Cincinnati Reds don’t need to add starting pitching?

Pitching, yes. But starting pitching? Maybe not.


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