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Baseball Prospectus includes three Reds prospects among their Top 101

Baseball Prospectus released their Top 101 prospects for 2015 list, and the Cincinnati Reds finally managed to have more than two of their farmhands crack the list. B-Pro ranked Robert Stephenson the highest at 16, actually moving him up from 24th on last year's list despite his iffy campaign last season, and both Jesse Winker (44) and Michael Lorenzen (63) entered the rankings for the first time. If you're a B-Pro subscriber, you can get the full details on each player's ranking and outlook; if you're not, you can make those up and share them in the comments section.

Keith Law's Top 100 includes two Reds prospects

But they're not exactly where you hoped to find them.

Baseball America's Top Ten Reds Prospects: Buy or Sell

How about another useless opinion about Baseball America's top ten Cincinnati Reds prospect list?

5 Would-Be Reds in Sickels' New Top 150 List

A handful of Reds draftees have caught the eye of the prospect guru.

April Showers Bring May Bruce

One month of the MLB season is in the books. The Reds probably won't want to re-read that book.

Joey Votto and the Top 100

The last player to ever wear #19 in Cincinnati.

Brandon Phillips and the Top 100


Jay Bruce and the Top 100

Entering the prime years.

Bronson Arroyo and the Top 100

Arroyo cracks the list just in time to say good-bye.

Johnny Cueto and the Top 100

Kicking off the first annual oblique muscle donation drive. Won't you please give?

Ryan Hanigan and the Top 100

A tough year for our favorite tough guy.

Aroldis Chapman and the Top 100

The most enjoyable player to watch on the team, hands down.

Mr. Choo and the Top 100

Nice trade, Walt. Now do it again.

Todd Frazier and the Top 100

You know who's not on the top100 list? Bryce Harper, that's who!

Mike Leake and the Top 100

Baseball season is officially over, so whaddya say we update Red Reporter's All-Time Reds list?

10 ways to crassly cash in on Homer's No-Hitter

A Friday list.

Reds' recent revisionist trade history

Rating transactions the wrong way. Or: how the Baltimore Orioles won the Chase Weems trade.

Top Things to Say If They're Ragging on Your Team

A Friday List.

Top Things We're Going to Need Sean Marshall To Do

A Friday List. Get to work.

10 Reds Things to Talk About Other Than Chapman

A Friday List.

Top 10 worst nicknames for Reds players

A Friday list

A Friday List

Best corporately sponsored baseball video game ideas that went unproduced

Top Ten Baseball Teams in Cincinnati

A Friday list.

Ranking the Top 10 Best Joey Vottos

A Friday list.

Best Reds Pitchers from Cincinnati

Top five Metro Reds.

The Quintessential Reds List: #1

When someone mentions #1 for the Reds, who do you think of?


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