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Lists & Rankings

The best MLB Centerfielders of the last 30 years

According to me, based on things.

10 things to think about baseball

think along with me here

Red Reporter’s Authoritative Reds’ Draft Primer

An exhaustive analysis of the amateur draft by an exhausted amateur

Five Cincinnati Reds prospects land on John Sickels’ Top 100 list

The farm, it is a promising one.

Five Cincinnati Reds prospects set to feature in Baseball America’s Top 100

The question is...which ones?

Four Reds prospects among Top 50 in latest Baseball America rankings

The farm continues to be well regarded.

Charlie Scrabbles picks the All Stars

The game is ‘sposed to be fun

Let’s take a look at the Reds At Bat music

Anyone listening to anything good?

2018 MLB Draft Primer - Hitters

Let’s scope out some bats, shall we?

2018 MLB Draft Primer - Pitchers

Let’s take a look at some amateur pitchers

Let’s give some jam to the Reds’ bullpen

Those dudes are seriously slingin’ some snacks

Pieces of equipment that might one day be in the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum

Four Reds among Baseball Prospectus’ Top 101 ranked prospects

Only four? Hmmm...

Reds land 5 prospects on MLB Pipeline’s top 100 list

Another prospect list means more recognition for our crop of young talent.

Five Cincinnati Reds prospects make Baseball America’s Top 100

A full handful of farm talent ranks among the best in the game.

Red Reposter - Minor League Ball’s Top 20 Reds prospects

Thursday links!

FanGraphs releases their Top 26 prospects in the Reds system

26? Well, getting to the big leagues is a marathon.

Baseball America’s Top 10 Cincinnati Reds prospects for 2018

The top talent on the Cincinnati farm.

Cincinnati Reds trade values, ranked

Which players in the system would bring the greatest return if moved?

MLB Draft Primer: The Reds’ other top picks

The Reds have the #2 pick of course, but they also pick at #32 and #38. Who might be available?

The Reds players you’d most want with you at the end of the world

If at the end of the world the new currency becomes home runs hit during the 2017 season

Young Reds talent not on the prospect lists

Prospect lists are cool and all, but they don’t tell the whole story.

Senzel 1st in B-Pro's Top 10 Reds prospects

The 2016 draftee tops another list.

Updating the Top 100: The Elite

Who else?

Updating the Top 100: Departus Interruptus

The players who are supposed to be gone but aren't, yet.

Updating the Top 100: The Recent Departures

Two more roster holes need fillin'...

Updating the Top 100: The Early Departures

Goodbye, former stalwarts of an excellent rotation.

Updating the Top 100: The Infirmed

Not everyone we celebrate stuck around for the whole party.

Vote for best Breakage of the Unwritten Rules

When being bad never looked so bad.

Vote for Reds best bat flip/celebration of 2015!

The Reds didn't have a lot to celebrate in 2015. Let's relive a few.

Vote for the Reds best Defensive Play of 2015

Let's help choose the best Reds play of the year.

2015 ZiPS Projections - Cincinnati Reds

Taking a ton of projections about the Cincinnati Reds and then projecting them into four projectable categories.