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History/Hall of Fame

Best Reds Pitchers from Cincinnati

Top five Metro Reds.

The Quintessential Reds List: #1

When someone mentions #1 for the Reds, who do you think of?

Dead season at the Hall of Fame

Visiting the Hall at its darkest hour.

8 Nights of Brendanukkah:The Country's Best Lobert

A look back at some classic Reds player. Tonight's feature is about third baseman Hans Lobert.

TDIRH: Reds Roll in Series (pl.)

On this day in Reds history, Cincinnati picked up three big postseason wins.

TDIRH: Cincy cinches first Series crown

On this day in Reds history, Cincinnati won the 1919 World Series.

RR Klassix: Ghosts of 2010

A look back to 2010 and forward to October.

Jim Maloney was really, really good

On this day in Reds history, Cincinnati roughed up a Hall of Famer in his major league debut while another Hall of Famer and former Red passed away. Also, Jim Maloney pitched three outstanding games, all shutouts, for the Reds.

Is Johnny Cueto still in this Cy Young thing?

No Reds' pitcher has ever won the Cy Young Award. Will Cueto keep the streak alive?

This Day in Reds History: Griffey Goes Yard for th

This Day (& Yesterday) in Reds History: Bubbles, Bucky, Bench, & a Brawl

This Day in Reds History: Rose Crowned Hit King

Houston: It's been emotional.

Adieu, Astros. 21 days and nights to remember.

This Day in Reds History: Happy Birthday, Cowboy!

This Day in Reds History: Hurlers & Homers

This Day in Reds History: The "$15,000 slide"

This Day in Reds History: One Fine Chick

Game 125: Reds @ Phillies. 90s Night.

It's the '90s!

This Day in Reds History: The Wright Stuff

RR Klassix: Playoff hopes dashed, playoff hopes revived

Retrospective: 2006 "playoff run," 2010's ups and downs, et al.

Red Reporter Klassix: Checking to make sure Jim Edmonds is still retired

A look back at Red Reporter content from 2010.

Reds wRiting Klassix: When Adam Dunn & Dennys Reyes were cornerstones

Looking back at articles from recent Reds' history.

Barry, The Lede: Some lists with Barry Larkin's name on them

I thought it might be worth going back into that career once again to see where Barry's number has come up at various points in his career.

Reds wRiting Klassix - Digging into the R-chives

Until we hit the bottom of the barrel - which could be earlier today - we're going to try to sift through annals of Cincinnati Reds coverage a little and re-visit some long forgotten stories.

The HOF Induction Countdown for Barry Larkin

A look at this weekend's HOF induction for Barry Larkin.

Red Reporter Klassix: Paul Janish Retrospective

Paul Janish made his debut with the Braves last night (0-3, BB), thus marking the irrevocable end to - at the very least - his first stint with the Reds.

Underground Reds All Stars

The Reds and a Mostly Fake Streak

I'm conveniently leaving out the Halladay no-no to justify the existence of this post.

We are the 86%: Where does Barry Larkin rank among HOF SS?

A look at where Larkin ranks among Hall of Fame short stops.

A Non-Larkin Hall of Fame Thread

A look at those other guys on the HOF ballot

Barry's year? Peering into the Hall of Fame Crystal Ball

Barry's year? Peering into the Hall of Fame Crystal Ball

On the Reds and Designated Hitters

Yonder Alonso - probable #Reds DH in '12 WS


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