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Mark your calendar: 2013 Reds Milestones

For those keeping score at home. Using a bloated, creepy-looking spiral notebook.

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Maybe big, round numbers and lists of all-time-somethings don't do it for you. This is not your sport, then. Sports might not even be your sport. But especially not baseball.

With the Reds' core stars locked in for years to come and recent success to build on, there are belts to be notched this season. Here are a few things that are projected to happen in 2013:

Brandon Phillips passes Joe Morgan on the list of all-time games at 2B

Joe Morgan sits third on the Reds' all times games played at 2B list (1115), behind Oester and Bid McPhee. Phillps has a long way to go to catch McPhee (2129): he'd need 6 3/4 seasons of 162 games played (and another contract extension) to do it - but he's virtually assured to be 2nd among 2Bs in the near future. Once he plays his 81st game this season, he'll pass Morgan.

Brandon Phillips enters the top 20 all time in plate appearances, games and hits by a Red

Ron Oester slides down another ladder. BP needs just 139 plate appearances to pass Ron and become the 20th most battingest Red in history. With a full season (>150 games), he'll also enter the Top 20 in games played across all positions.

And with his 67th hit this year, he'll pass Tommy Corcoran on the all time hit list. Even a partial season in which BP racked up at least 117 hits would push him pass Dan Driessen into the Top 15 in hits.

BP (#16), Votto (#19) and Bruce (#17) all move up on the HR list

The heart of the Reds' order is also bunched up on the HR registry. With 20 HRs this season, BP would end 2013 with 162 HRs in Red, moving past Gus Bell and claim 11th on the all time list.

That depends on what Votto and Bruce do. Votto could get to that same spot with 30 HRs this season. With 38 wangers, Jay would rocket past Wally Post for 11th.

Votto moves into 11th on the all time walk list, 14th in doubles

Joey has averaged around 100 walks the last three seasons. Hitting that mark would put him right behind Tony Perez on the all time list - and poised to enter the top 10.

He's also hit at least 36 doubles the last four seasons. With just three this year, he'll hit 200. 40 doubles would put him just behind Dan Driessen at 14th on the all-time list.

Bronson Arroyo cracks the top 20 in IP

With a his textbook horse-healthy season, Bronson will easily pass Billy Rhines. If he gets to 200 again, he'll claim Gary Nolan's spot and 17, putting him at 1,688.1 innings.

Ryan Hanigan plays in his 500th major league game

It's been a long, unlikely road from RyHan. Signed as an undrafted free agent nearly 12 years a go, Hanigan's first mention on this site was buried beneath a Frank Menechino signing.

With a 101 games this season, he'll reach 500 games as a Red (and big leaguer) - which is more than anyone I personally know.

Johnny Cueto reaches 1,000 innings

Only 41 Reds' pitchers have done it. And only 35 have pitched 1,000 innings for the team with at least a 100 ERA+. It may be something of a low bar, but roughly another healthy two seasons cements Cueto as one of the elite Reds' starters in history - in quality and quantity.