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Trevor Bauer and the Reds lingering Qualifying Offer dilemma

How exactly will the Reds play their cards this winter?

The Cincinnati Reds pitcher who got away

A look back at one particular decision made by the front office nearly one year ago.

10 things to think about baseball

think along with me here

Cincinnati Reds Links

Today ends in Y. I’m sure of it.

The 2019 Cincinnati Reds finally tried yet still failed

A look back at the most recent 162 game slate.

Marty Brennaman has connected us to the history of the Cincinnati Reds, and I’ll miss that

The past has seemed present his entire career, and he’s the reason why.

On the retirement of Marty Brennaman

On second thought, the Reds should go for it

Buying at the trade deadline is dumb. But what if we assume that it isn’t?

The Reds’ ace - in 2020

In which this humble bloghole writer is staring unblinking at the Facebook comments

The Home Run Derby is decadent and depraved

Dingers? Never seen ‘em before.

In Tortoise vs Hare, did the Reds get a skunk?

Stupid headline? And how!

High on the Reds, let’s dream about the stretch run

If the Reds decided to be buyers over the next few weeks, what should they buy?

The Reds should seriously consider an extension for Jose Iglesias

This Iggy ain’t no stooge

Red Reporter’s Authoritative Reds’ Draft Primer

An exhaustive analysis of the amateur draft by an exhausted amateur

Cincinnati Reds 2019 At Bat music: A Review

As of May 3rd, at least

What Nick Senzel means to us

This is either the beginning of an era or maybe it isn’t

Poor Scott Schebler

or: The Quintessential American Tragedy of Bad Luck and Unfavorable Circumstances

Getcha one of these GABP shirts by Homage while you can!

Internet! E-Commerce! Things!

This is a make or break offseason for the Cincinnati Reds

Winter Meetings are coming.

Cincinnati Reds Season Review, Part Three - The Ugly

Y’know, there have to be reasons behind a 95 loss season.

Cincinnati Reds Season Review, Part Two - The OK

The overall season could’ve been much better, but these aspects of the team weren’t all at fault.

This postseason shows precisely how slow the Cincinnati Reds rebuild is going

Where the bottom-feeders from 2015 and 2016 ended up in the 2018 MLB standings.

Allow me to be annoyed with the St. Louis Cardinals for a moment

They just keep finding ways to be better than the Cincinnati Reds.

What do the Yankees have that the Reds don’t?

The Yanks are World Series contenders this season while the Reds are ... not. Why?

Aces, Prospects, and Harry Truman

“Cincinnati Reds manager” might be most attractive opening in baseball

Will there be a better opening on the market between now and 2019?

Charlie Scrabbles picks the All Stars

The game is ‘sposed to be fun

A (n almost) Comprehensive Trade Deadline Primer

Who stays who goes who tells your story?

Should the Reds sign Scooter Gennett to a contract extension? What happens if they do?

How to value Cincinnati Reds 2B Scooter Gennett

Just what kind of asset do the Reds have on their hands?

Maybe the Reds actually did have some idea about how to approach last winter’s free agency

2018 MLB Draft Day Two: looking at last night’s picks and day two draft thread


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