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Fake News

SB Nation GM Simulation 2022 - Cincinnati Reds vs. payroll (and the world!)

Navigating the Sim Reds through a league-wide simulation!

MLB Lockout Chronicles - Cactus League Game 11 preview in a parallel dimension

The ho-hum of the usual, if we were so allowed.

How these Cincinnati Reds got in The Best Shape of Their Lives [TM]

A Friday List

2021 SBN GM Simulation - Piloting the Cincinnati Reds on a shoestring budget

We put our pleated khakis on and shook many virtual hands.

SB Nation offseason GM simulation - Cincinnati Reds spend big!

We got to run the Fake Reds, and run them we did.

Three moves the same old Cincinnati Reds would make this offseason

This is a book you’ve read before.

SB Nation Offseason Simulation - Fake Reds ‘get the pitching’

A pitching overhaul - and even some lineup additions!

The Actual Best-Case Scenario for the 2018 Reds

(Not actually)

SB Nation Offseason Simulation - Steering the Fake Reds into 2018

Deals were made, the things and the such.

A free agent’s guide to greater Cincinnati

Let’s figure out why Montana hates the Reds

Something is afoot in Big Sky country.

Checking in on our moves from SBN’s off-season simulation

We got to play GM for a few days. Here’s how that looks so far.

What Andrew McCutchen to the Reds might look like

The Pirates are looking to trade their former MVP, so here's an idea of how he would look on the Reds


In a stunning development, Red Reporter's research unit uncovered private internal Reds emails. What they contain may shock you.

2016 Off-season Simulation - Reds edition

Breaking down the moves we made during this year's network-wide simulation.

SB Nation Off-Season Simulation: What We Did

You'll all probably hate it.

SBN Simulation year-end check-in; How'd we do?

We made some trades, did some stuff, moved some things. How'd that turn out?

Cincinnati Reds Front Office Shake-up.

A name you love and revere is being called up to the big leagues.

That Ain't the Way to Have Fun, Son.

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

SBN Winter Meetings Post-Mortem

The Fake Reds wrapped up their fake offseason with, all told, a pretty kickin' roster.

SBN Winter Meetings: U-Turn for the Nasty Hook

We done did it!


The Fake Reds get down to business!

SBN GM Sim: Y2

Sports Blog Nation's General Manager Simulation: Year Two - ALBLY

Why is this happening to me?

I'll await your response.

Stop it right now

I mean it.

Top Things to Say If They're Ragging on Your Team

A Friday List.

Top Things We're Going to Need Sean Marshall To Do

A Friday List. Get to work.

The five best pictures of the opening series

A Friday list

BREAKING: Mark Prior to start Opening Day

Top Ten Baseball Teams in Cincinnati

A Friday list.

Ranking the Top 10 Best Joey Vottos

A Friday list.

Freditorial - 12/19

Your old friend Fred Regorter is back again, taking one last shot at Drew Stubbs as the door hits him on the ass on his way out of town.


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