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All Decade Team

Worst Reds of the Decade

Worst Reds of the Decade, with dated pop culture reference.

Heroes of the Zeros: The 25-Man Roster

Red Reporter announces the 25-man roster for the Reds Team of the Decade for the aughts. Now you can move on with your lives!

Heroes of the Zeros: Pinch Hitters

Time to vote for the last spots on the All Decade roster. Pick who you'd want to be the pinch hitter from the left and right side today. Tomorrow, we announce the team and put an end to this miserable decade.

Heroes of the Zeros: Right Field

Back from the Holiday, Red Reporter keeps plugging away at the All Decade team. Today, we try to decide who will be the starting RF on the team.

Heroes of the Zeros: Center Field

Did Ken Griffey Jr. do enough to be called the starting CF of the Reds All Decade Team?

Heroes of the Zeros: Left Field

The All Decade Team continues. This time you can vote on who should be the starting LF, but there really shouldn't be a question of who on this one.

Heroes of the Zeros: Shortstop

Unfortunately, the Reds need a shortstop for their All Decade team. Think you can come up with one worth picking?

Heroes of the Zeros: Third Base

Red Reporter wants you to vote on who should play 3B for the Reds All Decade Team.

Heroes of the Zeros: Second Base

Red Reporter asks you, who was the best second baseman for the Reds during the past 10 years. Vote at the site.

Heroes of the Zeros: First Base

Red Reporter continues to hold balloting for the All Decade Team. Today, vote for your choice for the starting 1B for the team. It's likely to come down to 3 players.

Heroes of the Zeros: Catcher

Red Reporter is giving you a chance to vote on the Reds All Decade team. Today we look at catchers, who weren't as bad as you think.

Heroes of the Zeros: The Bullpen

Red Reporter continues to take your votes for the All Decade Team. Today's ballot is for the bullpen, which is kind of a mixed bag.

Heroes of the Zeros: The Starting Rotation

As the decade winds down, Red Reporter gives you the chance to vote on who is in the All Decade starting rotation for the Reds.