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2024 Community Prospect Rankings: Jacob Hurtubise is the #20 prospect in the Reds system!

Will he make his big league debut in 2024?

Salt River Rafters v. Surprise Saguaros Photo by Norm Hall/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Jacob Hurtubise smashed his way through most every projection for him during the 2023 season, finally adding some punch to a game that had long been lauded for its speed and defense. He’ll turn 27 years old this year and has just 137 career PA at the AAA level, but there’s always the chance that he found a tweak at a later age than other prospects that will help unlock his path to the bigs.

That was good enough for him to rise to the #20 spot in this year’s Community Prospect Rankings, according to you. He’ll presumably start the 2024 season in Louisville, and since he was added to the 40-man roster earlier this winter, it’s very likely we’ll see him wearing a Cincinnati Reds uniform at some point this year.

That wraps this year’s CPR, with the Top 20 prospects in the Cincinnati Reds system (as voted on by you) listed below. Many thanks for participating!

Cincinnati Reds Top 20 Prospects for 2024

  1. Noelvi Marte, SS/3B
  2. Rhett Lowder, RHP
  3. Chase Petty, RHP
  4. Edwin Arroyo, SS
  5. Connor Phillips, RHP
  6. Cam Collier, 3B
  7. Sal Stewart, 3B
  8. Ricardo Cabrera, SS
  9. Carlos Jorge, 2B/CF
  10. Alfredo Duno, C
  11. Hector Rodriguez, 2B/CF
  12. Ty Floyd, RHP
  13. Rece Hinds, OF
  14. Blake Dunn, OF
  15. Lyon Richardson, RHP
  16. Julian Aguiar, RHP
  17. Leonardo Balcazar, SS
  18. Sheng-En Lin, SS/CF/RHP (?!)
  19. Cole Schoenwetter, RHP
  20. Jacob Hurtubise, OF