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So you don’t think the Cincinnati Reds did enough at the trade deadline

Who knew?

Washington Nationals v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Emilee Chinn/Cincinnati Reds/Getty Images

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Discourse regarding the Cincinnati Reds has been fractured over the last week, to say the least. With the team’s decision to sit out the trade deadline furor (aside from the addition of reliever Sam Moll), that became highlighted as the Reds immediately slipped into a 6-game slide that saw them drop out of 1st place in the National League Central division.

They were never good enough to make the playoffs this year anyway!

They’re ahead of schedule, why force the issue?

No one player they acquired at the deadline could fix this!O

Why didn’t they get Scherzer? Or Verlander?

They wouldn’t have had to give up their top prospects to get a rental starter!

Why do they still have SO MANY INFIELDERS?!

The Reds are the envy of many with their fleet of impressive rookies and - to many owners - with their almost clear balance sheet after this season. They’ve got flexibility, they’ve got options, they’ve got a wealth of opportunity. Last night’s victory over the Miami Marlins aside, though, they’ve got a team that’s been wilting of late. So, we posed the question to you last week of whether the Reds did enough at this year’s trade deadline, and your response was pretty telling.

Only 14% of respondents thought the Reds did enough this trade deadline. Fourteen.

Do I know the scientific nature of this poll? I do not. I do know that anyone who sought out a Reds online community as they suffered through a losing streak that coincided with their decision to sit out the deadline was likely passionate about the topic, though, and passion usually goes hand in hand with strong opinions. So, it’s likely that many of you had more long-term goggles on and didn’t think they should’ve pushed more chips in at this juncture, but you didn’t voice your opinion through this poll.

Still, any result that’s this overwhelming does tell a bit of a tale, and it’s clear that many of you think that the rarity of ever being in 1st place come the start of August warranted more of an effort by the team and its front office to place a priority on winning games in 2023.

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