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MLB Reacts - Did the Cincinnati Reds do enough at the trade deadline?

We ask, you tell!

Colorado Rockies v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Jeff Dean/Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the MLB. Throughout the year we ask questions of the most plugged-in Cincinnati Reds fans and fans across the country.
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This week’s question gets top billing on the post. It’s a question that’s about as dividing among Cincinnati Reds fans as I’ve ever seen, quite frankly.

If you thought they should have done things, you’re almost certainly going to vote no. If you thought the long game was the game to play all along, well, you may well be of the opinion that there simply wasn’t much that was worth doing.

The then-first-place Reds added Sam Moll from the Oakland Athletics to bring in a lefty with some team control for the bullpen, and that’s when they shut up shop. They did not add any starting pitching, nor did they choose to chase offense with Jonathan India temporarily on the shelf. Instead, they opted to hold tight to their prized farm system and flock of rookies and wait for the returns of Hunter Greene, Tejay Antone, Nick Lodolo, India, & Co. at some point down the road and see if there’s anything left to ride out in 2023 at that time.

The depth remains! So, too, does the looming reality of it being some 28 years since the Reds actually won a postseason series. How you value each of those sentences may well be the true testament of where you stand on the Reds action, or lack thereof, this week.

Let us know!