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Cincinnati Reds acquire LHP Sam Moll from Oakland Athletics

A trade to help the bullpen!

Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Just minutes prior to their series opener in Wrigley Field against the Chicago Cubs and with the MLB trade deadline looming tomorrow evening, the Cincinnati Reds finally announced a trade acquisition. That’s in the form of Sam Moll, a lefty reliever formerly of the Oakland Athletics, who’ll take the 40-man roster spot vacated by the move of Hunter Greene to the 60-day IL.

The team announced the deal on whatever you want to call Elon Musk’s micromanagerial disaster:

They picked up international cap space, too, which I suppose is an incredibly good development given their improvements in scouting in the area. Heading to Oakland will be tall speedballer Joe Boyle, whose proclivity for being a three-true-outcome pitcher has been the one thing holding him back despite his often elite stuff.

Moll, 31, is hell on lefties, something that most of the Reds current bullpen offerings couldn’t boast. He’s also not arb-eligible until 2025, so the Reds have him for cheap if he proves that his expected numbers - which are mostly better than his actual numbers this season - are what he is truly capable of putting together.

We’ll have more on this, and the rest of the trade deadline, as the team’s entire strategy plays out between now and tomorrow’s deadline.