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Elly walks through concert doors, roams all over coliseum floors

The latest Elly-drop from our friends at BreakingT!

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He was the King in Milwauk’, there is none higher

Sucker MC’s should call him sire

To burn his kingdom, you must use fire

He won’t stop rockin’ till he retires

Through just 30 games played, Elly De La Cruz has already matched the team-lead with 16 steals, tying him with the likes of TJ Friedl and Jake Fraley. Keep in mind this is no tie with a bunch of sedentary slouches - the 112 total steals by the Cincinnati Reds so far this season is the most by any team in all of baseball.

You may recall 3 of those steals in particular. They all came in a blink, the last of which featuring him swiping home altogether against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Yeah. He did that.

Our friends at BreakingT have added to their Elly collection with their Run DLC drop, and you can add it to your own collection through this link.

The whole ‘stealing home’ thing sticks out to me for the obvious reasons, but also because I believe it will serve as something of a demarcation point. Elly’s just going to keep creating these kinds of timeless moments at the snap of a finger, maybe even to the point where we’ll have to try hard to remember which one came first. He’ll do it with his glove. He’ll do it with his arm. He’ll sure as hell do it with his bat.

Perhaps more than anywhere else, though, he’ll do it with his running. Dude’s just too damn fast for this game, and he knows it.

Run DLC!