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Podcast - Elly De La Cruz takes Cincinnati, and the baseball world, by storm

The latest from Walks Will Haunt!

It’s a sad reality that you won’t be able to roll into Great American Ball Park, buy a ticket for the top of the right-field seats, and prep yourself to be pelted with homers socked by Elly De La Cruz for 10 days. Alas, the Cincinnati Reds have left town for a three-city road trip that will take them through St. Louis, Kansas City, and Houston, and the star the Reds unleashed on the baseball world won’t be at home for what already feels like ages.

For now, what we’re left with is the indelible impact of his first few games as a big leaguer, the electricity that he helped bring to GABP, and the atmosphere that helped propel the Reds to a series victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. We’re just going to have to watch from afar as he takes his talents ‘round the bases elsewhere for a week and a half.

ARF and BK joined me as we shook the dust off the Walks Will Haunt podcast last night, and we yapped about Elly’s emergence and its impact on the Reds. How will they fit in all the new talent? Who’s gotta go? What will they do when Christian Encarnacion-Strand joins the fray, which he already deserves to do?

And what’s going to happen when Joey Votto gets back later this month?

You can catch the latest episode by hitting play on the button below, or by following this link. “Like and subscribe,” he says like a minion!