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“That ball had a family!”

The Elly Era begin with fireworks!

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It’s rare enough for a player to live up to expectations when the expectations heaped upon him have piled up for so long. It’s even more rare for a player to exceed those, but that’s just what Elly De La Cruz did for the Cincinnati Reds when he hit the everloving snot out of a baseball during Wednesday’s victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

You may have heard about it. Hell, you may well have heard it given how damn hard he wrecked it off Dodgers starter Noah Syndergaard.


Our friends at BreakingT quickly immortalized John Sadak’s epic call of Elly’s 458 foot blast, which you can see.

You can get said shirts here.

Rest assured, Elly De La Cruz is going to sock a whole hell of a lot more homers in Great American Ball Park, but even he might have a hard time replicating that blast - and that moment. Celebrate it while you can via a Big Red Shirt.