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Elly De La Cruz breaks baseball, Will Benson breaks Dodgers in Reds walk-off victory

An electric night in GABP history!

Los Angeles Dodgers v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

With the admitted risk of sounding hyperbolic, tonight was the single greatest night in the history of the Cincinnati Reds in the era of social media.

Why, you ask?

This. Because of this.

Elly De La Cruz just about broke Great American Ball Park for his first career homer, and he later added a triple, too. On a night when the Cincinnati Reds once again fell behind due to their starting pitching being a wiffle ball chewed up by a puppy and duct-taped back together, that was hardly a blip on the radar, however.

They’ve got Elly now. They’ve got Matt McLain now. They’ve got a resurgent Tyler Stephenson, and they’ve got Will Benson looking like the former 1st round pick he is.

Benson, by the way, called time on the Los Angeles Dodgers. He smoked a 2-run walk-off homer into the raging crowd in the RF moon deck, and the Reds went home with an 8-6 victory - their second straight walk-off win over the vaunted LA Dodgers.

There will be words and statistics and intimations to be made about this game, this week, at some point in the future. For now, though, this is pure emotional vomit on a keyboard on my part, and I apologize for none of it.

Go Reds.