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The Cincinnati Reds losing streak ends in Baltimore today

Unless it does not, in which case this headline will be misleading in the future.

Baltimore Orioles Photo by Louis Reqeuna/MLB via Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds have lost pitcher after pitcher, they’ve lost their lead in the National League Central, and they have lost three games in a row. Given that it seems that there won’t be any immediate help swooping in from outside the organization to stop the leaking, it’ll be up to rookie Andrew Abbott to continue his excellence and help the Reds dig out of this rut.

Abbott has made 4 starts so far as a big leaguer, and he’s looked like a big leaguer in each and every single one of them. He blitzed the Brewers, made a mockery of the Last Place St. Louis Cardinals™, shut down the Houston Astros completely, and mostly breezed past the hapless Colorado Rockies. Now, he’ll be tasked with a Baltimore Orioles lineup that owns a collective 114 wRC+ against lefties so far this year, the 5th best mark in all of baseball.

Go get ‘em, kid!

The Cincinnati offense will be up against Tyler Wells, who Baltimore took from Minnesota in the 2020 Rule 5 Draft and made stick. He currently leads qualified major leaguers in WHIP - 0.888 - so he’s no pushover, by any means, but Joey Votto is back in the lineup this evening and that means the homers will be a-honkin’.

On the transactional front, the Reds DFA’d the recently promoted Jake Wong while selecting the contract of veteran Alec Mills, a daily churn we’ll continue to see until the club finds a way to more thoroughly address the issues plaguing their starting rotation.

First pitch is again set for 7:05 PM ET, and maybe this time the meteorologists in charge of starting the game won’t leave the Reds left for dead.

Reds Lineup

Orioles Lineup