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Votto the Viking!

Get’ em while they’re hot!

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Joseph Daniel Votto, 39, of the Richview Collegiate Institute in suburban Toronto, Canada, returned to the Cincinnati Reds of Major League Baseball last night and proceeded to launch a baseball to the moon.

The celebration was nearly as epic as the evening itself.

Damn, he’d been waiting a long time to finally don that Viking helmet. At least he barely had to wait once he was finally off the injured list and in the lineup.

To commemorate the occasion, our friends at BreakingT dished out a new Votto Viking shirt, and you can buy the dang thing through this here link. Doing so, I’ll warn you, will put a precious few bucks into my pocket, so consider that accordingly when making your financial decisions.

Here’s the shirt again, for the record:

If last night is any indication - and it sure as hell is - Joey Votto still bangs.

Go Reds.