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Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows you’ll sweep

The Cincinnati Reds take on the Boston Red Sox again tonight.

Cast Portrait From ‘Cheers’ Photo by NBC Television/Fotos International/Getty Images

Hunter Greene is gearing up as we speak to throw some 102 mph heaters past the Boston Red Sox this evening in Fenway Park. The better he does so, the better the chances of a Cincinnati Reds sweep of the three-game series, something we all saw coming weeks ago when this team was humming along like the well-oiled machine it was not.

Also on the line is the team’s five-game win streak, and a victory tonight would cap a week full of road wins in Wrigley and Fenway, which is ten different kinds of cool. Add-in that there’s a growing presumption that we’ll get to see the call-up of Elly De La Cruz when the Reds return home, and this becomes something of an Elly De La Cruz Year’s Eve celebration in the making.

Of course, that will require the Reds knocking Chris Sale around, as the veteran lefty will get the start tonight as Boston tries to fend off the Redlegs. The 34 year old has been getting better by the week this year as he shakes off the injury rust, and his 3.90 FIP suggest his 4.72 ERA has been rather unlucky. He has pitched to a 2.91 ERA and 2.89 FIP over his last seven starts, for instance, in the process looking more and more like the seven-time All Star he is.

First pitch is set for 7:10 PM ET. Take a break from all your worries and enjoy this one on the tee-vee, will ya?

Reds Lineup

Red Sox Lineup