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You like the 162-game MLB seasons, and you like the quicker games

The latest MLB Reacts results are in!

Cincinnati Reds v Colorado Rockies Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

There’s little denying that Major League Baseball is intent upon evolving their product as time goes on, worried that letting it stagnate will alienate a new era of potential baseball fans. We’ve seen rule change after rule change dedicated to such evolution, with pitch clocks lopping dozens of minutes off average game times and larger bases helping fuel a base-stealing renaissance.

The question is, do people out there actually appreciate how that’s impacted the games they watch? And, perhaps just as important, has it done anything to the perceptions about how long the grueling MLB seasons should be?

The latest national MLB Reacts questions were targeted at just that premise, and the early results suggest that a) you’re big fans of the quicker games and b) the idea of a 162-game season still resonates. The full results of those polls are listed in the graphics below.

Keep in mind that the audience that these polls target primarily consists of folks who are already baseball fans, and if you’re already a baseball fan, odds are you became a baseball fan because you were already comfortable with the 162-game seasons that have been around since 1962. How the current long seasons and newly-implemented rule changes (and speedier games) have helped draw in new fans remains to be seen, of course.

For now, though, it sure seems like existing baseball fanatics like the faster games and still want plenty of them!

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