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From Erik the Red to Jonny the Red

Cool shirt alert!

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The Cincinnati Reds needed an edge, some fire to help define what it is they’re up to this season. Such is the case when a roster is assembled with a good bit of talent but little individual track record, let alone team track record to speak of.

Something wholly their own was needed, something to help them claim ownership of this era of Reds baseball.

Enter the Viking garb.

With each home run this season comes a Viking helmet and cape, an idea spawned by pitcher Luis Cessa in the wake of Norseman Jake Fraley’s homer-laden finish to the 2022 season, as’s Mark Sheldon relayed last week. And since the Reds are socking dingers at a prolific rate early in the season at GABP, it’s become a staple of helping celebrate the Reds rise from the depths of NL Central rankings back into punching range of the rest of the league.

I don’t want to say it’s iconic just yet, but it’s got the makings of it. When those types of things come along, you want to be on the forefront of repping it, too.

Our buddies over at BreakingT just dropped a Viking Baseball shirt you’re going to want to sport over mugs of mead, with Jonathan India’s own mug featuring prominently.

If you purchase said shirt through the link above or through this one right here, yeah, I get a commission for sending you their way. That’s part one of the Full Disclosure, with part two being that you might wear it out to GABP one day and bump into me wearing it, too, since I’m absolutely scarfing this one up my own damn self.

Where wolf’s ears are, wolf’s teeth are near.