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Podcast - Nick Senzel sends Reds to sweep of Texas Rangers, & AAA Louisville heats up

The latest episode of Walks Will Haunt is live!

The Cincinnati Reds returned to Great American Ball Park this week and immediately eschewed their losing ways, kicking a 6-game losing streak to the curb and sweeping the first place Texas Rangers in epic fashion. Back to back late, large comebacks gave them the series victory before Nick Senzel’s walk-off homer cemented the sweep.

Could this be a turning point in the career of Senzel, the former #2 overall draftee and top prospect who has struggled to stay on the field and deliver for Cincinnati?

We tackled those topics on last night’s episode of Walks Will Haunt, while also letting our brains run wild with how the Reds will replace Wil Myers on the roster. If anything, the versatility of Senzel makes predicting which way the Reds will turn that much harder since they could choose to add either infielder or outfielder.

Of course, it was hard not to notice what Christian Encarnacion-Strand has been up to in AAA Louisville since returning to action there earlier in the week. That paired with his dominant Cactus League display last month makes it really, really hard to look past the California native, especially as the Reds begin a 6-game road trip through California this evening in Oakland.

Gently tap the embedded play button below for the latest episode, or follow this here link if that embed has been stripped out of this page for whatever reason.