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Surely the Cincinnati Reds will win tonight’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates


POLICE SQUAD Photo by ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds are just 1-7 in road games this season.

The Cincinnati Reds have just 2 homers in road games this season, fewest among the 30 MLB clubs.

The Cincinnati Reds own an ISO of just .075 in road games so far this year, worst in the majors.

The Cincinnati Reds have slugged just .297 in road games this year, the lowest mark in the bigs.

The Cincinnati Reds are just 4-12 in their last 16 games, and have lost 4 consecutive games.

Luis Cessa, who the Cincinnati Reds will send to the mound tonight as a starter against the Pittsburgh Pirates, was broiled for 14 hits and 11 ER in just 3.0 IP in his most recent start.

We have reached another point in the season where Stuart Fairchild is hitting 3rd in the lineup, albeit against lefty Dick Mountain.

First pitch is set for 6:35 PM ET this evening. Turn on, tune in, and drop out.

Go Reds! They were always Jim O’Toole’s favorite team!

Reds Lineup

Pirates Lineup