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Game 9: Reds at Braves (7:20 PM ET) - Ashcraft vs. Elder

Andre 3000 of Outkast performs their hi Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

It’s Cincinnati Reds baseball time, wherever you are. Isn’t that a fun thought?

Graham Ashcraft will be doing the dealing.

Jake Fraley will be socking dingers.

Tyler Stephenson will be the Georgian in the Cincinnati lineup, so look for him to do some good things.

Baseball, or something similar.

Today's Lineups

Jonathan India - 2B Ronald Acuna - RF
TJ Friedl - CF Matt Olson - 1B
Jake Fraley - RF Austin Riley - 3B
Tyler Stephenson - C Sean Murphy - C
Wil Myers - DH Ozzie Albies - 2B
Jason Vosler - 1B Eddie Rosario - DH
Spencer Steer - 3B Orlando Arcia - SS
Will Benson - LF Kevin Pillar - LF
Jose Barrero - SS Eli White - CF
Graham Ashcraft - RHP Bryce Elder - RHP