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Name combos on the Cincinnati Reds roster that would be cooler

A Friday List

Cincinnati Reds Photo Day Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

On Fridays at Red Reporter dot com, we list.

This Friday, the first such Friday of the nascent 2023 Major League Baseball season, we take a closer, more analytical look at the current Cincinnati Reds 40-man roster. Break it down a bit, do some soul searching, find the best way possible to put things back together as best we can.

We make zero claims that we’ve rebuilt the roster in a more effective, more functional fashion, but we do guarantee this one would sound a lot cooler off the tongue.

Here’s a list of name combos on the Cincinnati Reds 40-man roster that would be cooler:

Reiver Weaver

Tony Antone

Curt Law

Ricky Richardson

Buck Dunn

Hunter Farmer

Vladimir Votto

Will Williamson

Fernando Fraley

Lyon Legumina

Connor Karcher

Noelvi Newman

Jake De La Cruz

Levi Lodolo

Spencer Cessa

Elly Lodolo

Joel Gibaut

Buck Barrero

Buck Fairchild

Buck India

Buck Weaver

Buck Steer

Buck Benson

Buck Law

Buck Law

Buck Law