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An Epic World Baseball Classic and Joey Votto returns to the Cincinnati Reds

Walks Will Haunt!

The World Baseball Classic wrapped one night ago with Shohei Ohtani striking out Mike Trout to seal the victory for Team Japan over Team United States. For the casual fan, for the serious fan, for every fan not named Chris Russo of MLB Network, it was one of the best moments the game has seen for years, regardless of level.

It’s the kind of moment I think we’ll be able to look back on, as the best of the best from around the world turned what would have otherwise been dismissed as a small-sample exhibition into a hyperconcentrated showcase of what the game of baseball could be. What it should be, even.

BK and ARF joined me for this week’s episode of Walks Will Haunt to get caught up on that, the single biggest story in the baseball universe. We also yapped about the return of Joey Votto, what that means for the Cincinnati Reds roster, and how the Reds can expect to manage the bumpy road ahead with half their already threadbare pitching staff injured with just a week left before Opening Day.

Smash that play button below for all the audio action as we officially join up with the Fans First Sports Network, our new podcasting home.