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Cincinnati Reds score 2nd overall pick in 2024 MLB Draft lottery!

What a surprise!

Washington Nationals play the Cincinnati Reds in their 2012 home opener Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Former Cincinnati Reds first round draftee and 2014 National League All Star Game participant Devin Mesoraco traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to be the Reds representative at Tuesday’s MLB Draft lottery, and he made a pretty prescient tweet about it prior to the actual event.

With the new lottery rules, the Reds had just a 0.9% chance of landing the top overall pick, the 14th lowest chance given where they finished during the 2023 regular season. Despite those long odds, however, the baseball gods shined down upon the Reds and Mesoraco, doling them out the #2 overall pick in next summer’s draft.

It’s a far cry from what went down this time last year, when the Reds - despite having the 4th best odds - ended up with just the 7th overall selection. It seems that a bit of retribution was in store for them this time around.

As always, it’s not just about the actual selection, it’s about the bonus pool that comes with it. The higher the overall selection, the more slot money is allotted, and that gives the Reds the ability to spread that overall bonus pool money around however they so choose. In the past, they’ve often drafted players early who they can sign for slightly below slot value and turned that money into larger bonuses for players who may well have opted for college later, so this provides them with a ton of flexibility - millions, quite literally - that the odds dictated they would not have.

Thanks for that, Devin. It was because of you that I learned that hips have labrums in the first place, and I’m quite glad the baseball gods chose to finally repay you with some better fortune.

(And the Reds, of course!)