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Colors to which the Cincinnati Reds could change their name

A Friday List

Red is a dusty color, man. The Cincinnati Reds even know it, what with spending half the 2023 season wearing their black City Connect uniforms instead. If the Reds really want to tap into the newer generation of baseball fans, they should liven up that dusty team name.

On Fridays around here at Red Reporter, we list. In keeping with the tradition of merely using a color as the team name in the Queen City, here’s an incomplete list of colors to which the Cincinnati Reds could change their name, as sourced from the fine idiots at Crayola, Behr paints, Mother Nature, and The Internet:

Cincinnati Greens

Cincinnati English Vermillions

Cincinnati Gold Ochres

Cincinnati Burnt Siennas

Cincinnati Raw Umbers

Cincinnati Dead Salmons

Cincinnati Impulsive Purples

Cincinnati Nacho Cheeses

Cincinnati Celadons

Cincinnati Coqulecots

Cincinnati Zaffres

Cincinnati Drunk-Tank Pinks

Cincinnati Falus

Cincinnati Goose Turd Greens

Cincinnati Lusty Gallants

Cincinnati Periwinkles

Cincinnati Atomic Tangerines

Cincinnati Bad Boy Blues

Cincinnati Golden Rods

Cincinnati Mauves

Cincinnati Alaska Kodiak Bear Browns

Cincinnati Flavescents

Cincinnati Warm Muffins

Cincinnati Yankee Doodle Dandelions

Cincinnati Heliotropes