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Cincinnati Reds links - Gearing up for Hot Stove Season

Friday links!

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St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Aaron Doster/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds have been on ice since Sunday, last Saturday’s elimination from playoff contention in the penultimate game of the 2023 season having really been the death knell of this season. Out here where I live, the morning lows have begun to dip into the upper 30s, and this past week saw the first glances of snow on the peaks just over my shoulder.

The playoffs are heating up. So, too, is the hot stove that will enthrall us all as the Reds look to get out of the not-playoffs and into the more fun portion of the baseball season in 2024.

The crew over at MLB Trade Rumors put together a pretty extensive look at where the Reds stand entering this winter in the latest edition of their Offseason Outlook series, and I’ll direct your gaze there. While it’s a great primer, I’ll give you a pretty significant spoiler alert in that they, too, know the Reds need to find some dependable pitching in the worst of ways. Starter, reliever, all non-belly-itchers welcome, and the Reds are going to have enough budget to stomach those improvements even though they’ll still probably cry poor through the entire process.

The elephant in the room for the Reds (and their spending habits) remains Joey Votto and how they’ll handle his option/buyout/return/retirement/revenge tour elsewhere. Gordon Wittenmeyer of The Enquirer had quotes from Joey himself after Sunday’s season finale on the topic, and you should probably get those filed away in your memory before the administrative portion of his future begins.

Speaking of Joey, he apparently said this on the Dan Patrick Show this morning:

We think it makes a great deal of sense to bring Votto back in ‘24, by the way.

Alejo Lopez, Matt Reynolds, and Kevin Herget are among the former Reds who declared free agency upon the completion of the AAA season, according to the transaction ledger of the Louisville Bats. Who knows if the Reds will pursue reunions with them later this winter, or not.

Your fantasy football team is either really good, really bad, or just OK. Congratulations.

The Foo Fighters will play GABP on July 25th of next year, so put that on your schedule if that’s your kind of thing. Bless you if you represent the Foo.

Our friends at Redleg Nation noted that Reds TV ratings spiked a ton this year, and when I take a brief look back at the ol’ Red Reporter page views year over year, that certainly seems to make sense. Man, it was dark as hell here, there, and everywhere in Reds Country in 2022, and I’m delighted we’ve at least moved past that portion of the rebuild.

Finally, if actually watching postseason baseball is your thing, the playoffs begin again on Saturday with a full slate of divisional round action. Orioles/Rangers kicks off the day with a 1 PM ET start, while the surging Diamondbacks will take on the Dodgers in a 9:20 PM ET start to rock you to sleep. Twins/Astros (4:45 PM ET) and Phillies/Braves (6:00 PM ET) will bridge the gap.