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It’s a full-slate baseball day as the MLB Playoffs begin without the Reds

Four games!

St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Aaron Doster/Getty Images

We sure spent a lot of time getting worked up for an 80-loss team whose starting rotation boasted an ERA worsted by only the lowly Colorado Rockies and Oakland Athletics, didn’t we?

Anyway, while the Cincinnati Reds play golf during the first week of their offseason, the MLB Playoffs begin in earnest this afternoon.’s Jeff Passan has a handy, pocket-sized tweet about today’s action, so I’ll embed that here for your perusal:

Rangers/Rays! Jays/Twins!

Snakes/Beers! Fish/Fills!

Frankly, I was hoping we’d get a matchup of former Reds in the Toronto/Minnesota game with Kevin Gausman sharing the bump with Sonny Gray, but it appears that’s not going to happen. Speaking of those two,’s Mike Petriello has them finishing 2nd and 3rd in the American League Cy Young Award race (even though he doesn’t have a vote on said award this year):

Ah, starting pitching. Must be nice!

Enjoy the full day of baseball, folks.