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Will the Dodgers or Twins be sent home today?

A trio of Division Series games this Wednesday!

Los Angeles Dodgers v Cincinnati Reds

For many fans of the Cincinnati Reds, the old days of the National League West die hard. Prior to expansion leading to the formation of the National League Central division back in 1993, old heads remember fondly that the Reds were situated in the same division as the San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, Houston Astros, and the damned Los Angeles Dodgers, spending half their season on airplanes while the likes of St. Louis and Chicago got to play in the East.

Reds/Dodgers series, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s, were heated. The Dodgers, for those of a certain age, were the single biggest rival of the Reds.

So, it’s tempting to lean into those emotions as we see the current iteration of the Dodgers trailing the upstart Arizona Diamondbacks 2-0 in one half of this year’s National League Division Series. LA will attempt to stave of elimination by sending Lance Lynn to the mound this evening in the launching pad that is Chase Field in Phoenix - Lynn, you may have noticed, has surrendered an MLB-high 44 dingers so far this season split between his time with the White Sox and Dodgers.

While that game will occupy your evening eyes, there are a pair of other contests beginning as early as 5:07 PM ET to watch, too. The early game will feature the Philadelphia Phillies hosting the Atlanta Braves in their 1-1 NLDS, while a 7:07 PM ET start time awaits the Minnesota Twins in Minneapolis as they try to stave off elimination in their 2-1 ALDS matchup against the Houston Astros.

It should be quite the entertaining day of baseball, with a pair of teams potentially being eliminated before sunrise tomorrow. One of them is the Dodgers, which never hurts to point out again.