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Phil Castellini points out how easy it is to be better than most all MLB teams

Do, or do not. There is no try.

MLB: Cincinnati Reds-150th year stadium tour Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Castellini, son of Bob Castellini and COO of the Cincinnati Reds, grabbed a microphone and spoke again today. This time, it was at the annual Rosie Reds luncheon, and he used his platform to once again draw attention to his, uh, unique style of running a professional baseball team.

I’d suggest you breeze through the glorious tweets from the lunch, which you can do by searching #RosieLunch2023 on Twitter. That said, there was one point on which Phil harped that stood out most, complete with a graph that did highlights pretty much the exact opposite point Phil was attempting to emphasize.

This glorious piece of #analytics was Phil’s way of pointing out that the ‘haves’ in the game of baseball are making it impossible for the ‘have nots’ to even get their foot in the door. In reality, though, he’s pointing out something that should have been incredibly obvious:

Doing literally anything to improve your club during the offseason puts you ahead of a giant pile of your peers.

There are 30 MLB teams. The Cincinnati Reds are one of them.

12 MLB teams make the playoffs every year these days.

12 divided by 30 is 0.4, or 40%.

40% is within a sniff of half, with half of teams out of contention by Opening Day these days, according to the chart.

Do something. Do anything, and that’s how you make progress.

Progress, y’know? Which is the goal!

Folks, these are the Cincinnati Reds!