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Cincinnati Reds activate Albert Almora, Jr., DFA Colin Moran ahead of series opener vs. Cubs

Roster churn!

San Diego Padres v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

I know this is ‘not how it works,’ but it’s how I’m going to present it real quick.

Colin Moran hit .184/.259/.204 in 58 PA to open the season in games played prior to his magical homestand against the Pittsburgh Pirates, his former club. He then proceeded to sock a pair of homers against said division foe in one glorious May 8th game, something that I’m sure resonated with the dozens of fans who still keep track of the Reds and Pirates at the moment. That hot streak continued for a couple of days afterwards, too, as he homered twice against the Milwaukee Brewers in GABP in the subsequent series.

He then hit .205/.327/.296 at the big league level with the Reds for the remainder of his tenure with the club, a tenure that officially came to an end on Tuesday afternoon when he was designated for assignment - a move that opened up a roster spot for Albert Almora, Jr., who is a player the Reds apparently still want around. The Reds announced the move themselves on Twitter earlier today.

Since I don’t want to make this sound entirely like I’m eviscerating just the Colin Moran Era of Cincinnati Reds baseball, it’s worth pointing out that Almora, Jr. has a sterling .493 OPS in 87 PA with the Reds since the start of July, and a .466 OPS with the Reds over his last 107 PA overall.

It’s with this in mind that I’ll present tonight’s Reds expectations without much additional comment, though it’s worth pointing out that the Reds and Chicago Cubs will begin this week’s series with 3rd place in the National League Central on the line. I cannot begin to fathom just how thankful the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals are to have the Reds, Pirates, and Cubs in their division these days.

We’ll see Justin Dunn on the bump for the Reds opposite former Red Wade Miley, who was just activated off the IL today in time to face his former club. First pitch is set for 7:40 PM ET because of the Central Time Zone, so be sure to take up your issues with the ghost of Sir Sandford Fleming.

Reds Lineup

Cubs Lineup