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The Cincinnati Reds did not win their baseball game today



Despite efforts, be they ‘best’ or ‘procedural,’ the Cincinnati Reds did not accomplish the previously stated goal of winning a Major League Baseball game on Friday. Rain didn’t save them, either, as they instead lost at the hands of the Chicago Cubs by the score of 6-1, their 17th loss in their last 21 games if my memory stands correct.

It could be just their 16th loss in that span. I care not to look it up.

Jake Fraley had a day, which is good for Jake Fraley. He socked a homer for the Reds lone run as part of a 3-hit day, and - when healthy - he actually looks like a functioning outfield option for a Major League Baseball team, and I’m at least fairly certain that’s what the Reds actually intend to be going forward. So, there’s that.

It was not the best of days for Graham Ashcraft, who was socked around for 6 ER in just 2.2 IP, an outing poor enough that it might drop him down to 4th in the Reds Rookie Pitcher bWAR rankings for the 2022 season. Rest assured, however, that the other trio of rookie arms will have their chance to alter those standings over the season’s final 5 games.

It was the 97th loss of this miserable season, said loss keeping them in the hunt for the elusive 102 loss season, something that has never before happened in the long history of this once-storied franchise. The 97th loss also tied the Pittsburgh Pirates in the loss column, with a win by them tonight sinking the Reds to last place in the National League Central overall.

They will try this again tomorrow. Same Bat time, same Bat channel.