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Cincinnati Reds aim to win a Major League Baseball game again today

It’s Wrigley time!

We’ve made it, folks!

The Cincinnati Reds have finally reached the most critical series of their 2022 season, one that sees them on the grass of Wrigley Field for a trio of afternoon games against the vaunted Chicago Cubs. It’s all on the line, too.

The Reds could inch closer to a 100 loss season! They can inch ever closer to a team-record 102 losses! They could even overtake the Pittsburgh Pirates for last place in the National League Central, thereby giving them better odds at winning the #1 overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft via lottery!

It’s all there!

We’ll get to see it all on display in a classic Wrigley matinee, too, with each game of the weekend slate set for 2:20 PM ET starts, just like we all grew up watching. Graham Ashcraft will do his best to get the Reds on the wrong side of a loss today as the team’s starter, and he’ll do so opposite Cubs starter Adrian “Not Keyvius” Sampson.

Go team, go!

Reds Lineup

Cubs Lineup