What have we learned from the 2022 Reds Season. Part I

I have been looking for a place to post some thoughts about the Reds going forward, especially concerning players they should keep and those they should let go.

Let me preface by saying I do not believe September is a good month to evaluate a team and its talent. It is the equivalent to spring training performance, it historically is not a good indicator of future performance. Thus I make my judgments after August.

A player's value comes from answering the question: Does he help this team win games? The answer to that question changes from season to season. For example: with the change to the baseballs this season contact and the ability to situational hit seemed to surpass the ability to get the ball in the air and over the fence (Aaron Judge excluded). Next year's rule changes will have definite impact on this as well. So going forward, the Reds should be looking for players that have shown they can perform and help a team win in a number of ways.

First a positive: Kyle Farmer is an everyday player with value to any team. He played 147 games last year and should play about the same this season. He has almost identical numbers with fewer home runs, but more RBIs due to his high average with runners in scoring position this season. He is not a great player but he is a good one, that gives his team good at bats consistently, plays solid defense at three different positions, and he is an emergency catcher. But he also seems to have a great attitude and work ethic. He seems to be respected in the clubhouse. He seems to more often than not do the little things to help a team win, and very, very seldom make the mistake that can cost a game. He is one of the key reasons why the Reds have not completely tanked this season.

He is not a good number three or four hitter, but would be a solid number six hitter and a very good number seven hitter. The organization needs to keep players like him that perform and help them win. If the Reds become a better team in the next couple of years, he will continue to help them by playing several positions, filling in for injured players, and being a positive role model of what it takes to win.

As I continue to post, you all will see that I value performance over potential. The greatest mistake a small market team like the Reds can make, is to reward potential over performance. More on that later.

Farmer has performed well during a winning season in 2021 and during a losing one in 2022. The Reds need to keep players like him