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Jose Barrero is back, and he’s playing shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds tonight

The team’s ‘top’ prospect returns.

Cincinnati Reds Photo Day Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

The picture above is of Jose Barrero, formerly Jose Garcia, formerly a prospect to all prospect-ranking sits not named Baseball America - the lone spot to still give him that consideration following his promotion to the big leagues and service-time accrued. That’s an important distinction, I should add, since BA still ranks him as the top prospect in the Cincinnati Reds system, at least before recent trades and the MLB Draft.

Barrero, still just 24 years of age, had a broken hamate bone in his wrist in that picture. It’s why we’ve not yet seen him this season in a Cincinnati Reds uniform, as surgery and a prolonged rehab slash ‘shaking off of the rust’ has kept him in AAA Louisville all year. As of today, however, he’s not just back with the Reds, he’s in the starting lineup at the position in which he has made his name throughout his professional career - shortstop.

It could well be a routine off-day for resident catcher-turned-shortstop Kyle Farmer. Nick Senzel is getting a day-off, too, after all. That said, exactly how the Reds get Barrero into the lineup at his usual position while Farmer stakes claim to the very same job has long been a bit of a situation we’ve been interested to watch around here, and it appears tonight’s the beginning of that juggle for David Bell and Nick Krall.

Of course, with Mike Moustakas a cement block and Brandon Drury traded to San Diego, there will be ample time to be spent for both on the left side of the infield, and with shifts these days it often feels like there are constantly two shortstops over there. That’ll likely help sort things out initially, assuming the Reds don’t throw a wrench into things by putting Barrero in the outfield like they did last year.

Anyway, it’ll be the Miami Marlins and ace Sandy Alcantara on the mound as their opponent for the night. Welcome back to the big leagues and one of the nastiest arms on the planet, Jose!

First pitch is set for 6:40 PM ET, and it’ll be Mike Minor on the mound for the Reds because reasons.

Cincinnati Lineup

Fish Lineup

We’ll update once the Marlins actually get around to posting their lineup.