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Cincinnati Reds take aim at 11th straight home loss in Sunday finale vs. Atlanta Braves

Go Reds.

Limb McKenry with His hands on His Hips Photo by George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images

That dude up there is named Frank McKenry, but he most usually went by the name of Limb.

Limb could probably get a job in the Cincinnati Reds bullpen today, a job he last occupied in 1916 when his reportedly 33 mph heater was the talk of the town.

His other nickname was also Big Pete, which is hilarious because his full name is Frank Gordon McKenry.

This has been your once-in-a-lifetime Limb McKenry revelation.

Luis Castillo and the current iteration of the Cincinnati Reds will once again attempt to play the game of baseball at a comparable level to their peers on Sunday, with the Atlanta Braves still in town and looked amped to wrap up a series sweep. The Reds have lost 10 consecutive home games for the first time since Magellan was killed at the Battle of Mactan, and will be looking to make it 11 today. Kyle Farmer is sidelined as his wrist is five sizes bigger than it’s supposed to be after being beaned by Spencer Strider yesterday, so there’s that.

Where ya gonna go?

Charlie Morton and his wicked slidah will toe the rubber for Atlanta. First pitch is set for 1:40 PM ET, because that’s apparently the proper time for an ass-kicking these days.

Reds Lineup

Braves Lineup