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Reds bullpen is not mightier, Orioles win series opener 6-2

Where ya gonna go?

Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Mike Minor pitched reasonably well in what, in theory, was supposed to be his final start as a member of the Cincinnati Reds. Given all of the money-shedding the team did all winter, it was always odd as hell that they even sought out a deal to bring in Minor this year, and his injuries and underperformance so far this season certainly haven’t even gone to the plan that made no sense in the first place.

Anyway, you’d imagine that he was brought in as a buy-low innings-eater who could, in theory, be flipped at the deadline for something far-off to be a back-end guy for a team hunting the playoffs. With the deadline just days away, tonight was his final start before that, even though it now looks unlikely that anyone will give the Reds so much as a wet shoe for him.

He allowed a 2-run homer to Baltimore Orioles slugger Anthony Santander as the only runs tagged to him, which was cool. What the bullpen did in the 9th inning, however, was wholly uncool.

Buck Farmer walked a dude, served up a double, and let both runners score on a single up the gut, and Dauri Moreta later fiestied-up the Baltimore Orioles bench by plunking Santander as another two runs eventually crossed the plate. That gave Baltimore 6 on the night, which was more than enough to cover the 2-run tater socked by Joey Votto in the game’s initial frame.

Reds lost, 6-2, as they so often do. I’d go into more detail for you here, but is that really something you’re willing to actively stomach at this point on the Friday night before the last place Reds continue their teardown and rebuild for the future?

I think not.