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Hunter Greene is going to throw a lot of 103 mph heaters past the Miami Marlins tonight

GOLF: JUL 03 PGA - John Deere Classic

Fresh off an 11-2 route of the Miami Marlins last night that I didn’t get around to writing about (or watching, sadly), the Cincinnati Reds will return to the field on Tuesday evening with their sights set on whomping the Marlins once again. And, they’ll do so with Hunter Greene on the mound for them, too.

Even with Greene’s electric outing against Tampa included, it’s no secret that he’s been in a bit of a lull of late. He’s the owner of a 7.12 ERA over his last 6 starts, in which time he’s been bonked to the tune of a .550 slugging percentage. His 5.99 FIP in that stretch suggests it’s not exactly been bad luck fueling his misfortune, either. The hope is his drive towards a successful finish to his rookie year begins tonight.

Greene’s counterpart on the bump tonight will be Pablo Lopez, who has somewhat quietly put up a damn fine season so far. He’s the owner of a tiny 3.14 ERA and tinier 1.09 WHIP so far in his 2022 work, and that’s got him on a 4 bWAR pace for the season. He has yet to face Jonny India in GABP, however, and one grand slam often begets five or twelve more.

First pitch is again set for 6:40 PM ET even though school has long been out for the summer, but who the hell cares at this point?

Go Reds. Lineups below.

Reds Lineup

Fish Lineup