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A series victory over the Yankees in New York? Reds have a shot tonight!

There’s no reason not to, except for the obvious reasons.

San Diego Padres v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Reds had the New York Yankees right where they wanted them last night, and they let ‘em off the hook. (Rest in peace, Dennis Green.)

Defensive miscues and (/checks notes) back to back wild pitches decided that it simply wasn’t in the cards for the Reds to win two games in a row in Yankee Stadium, however, and now they’ll be forced to win tonight to claim the series. Fortunately, the Reds will have ace Luis Castillo on the mound tonight, meaning Luis will be on the mound in Yankee Stadium at least once this season.

Will he be on the mound there more often this year? Stay tuned!

Anyway, the Reds will face lefty Nestor Cortes tonight, so they’ll be rolling out their bevy of righties to smash and grab tonight’s win. Cortes has pitched effectively this year - his 2.74 ERA suggests as much - though his .256 BABIP allowed suggests there’s some regression a-coming for him, and maybe that’ll begin from the Cincinnati thumpers tonight. Joey Votto, for one, sure as hell looks primed to sock one about 475 feet.

It won’t be Mike Moustakas, that’s for sure - he was placed on the injured list with no designation earlier today, with Max Schrock recalled to take his place for the time being.

Get your shots, folks.

First pitch is set for 7:05 PM ET.

Go Reds.

Reds Lineup

Yankees Lineup