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Cincinnati Reds look to continue their dominance of AL East tonight in Yankee Stadium

It’s science!

San Diego Padres v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

All five teams in the AL East are at the .500 mark or better, while the New York Yankees - who sit atop the division - are the owners of the single best record in all of Major League Baseball. If they have the best record in all MLB, they’re obviously atop their division, Wick, thanks so much for the super-helpful explanation.

The Cincinnati Reds, meanwhile, have somehow found a way to win 6 of their 9 games against AL East clubs so far this season. Nice!

The Reds are currently riding a 5-game win streak, 4 of which have come at the expense of AL East powers, with last night’s dramatic comeback victory over the Yankees perhaps the single biggest highlight of this otherwise dismal as hell season. Left for the scavengers and in front of a packed Yankee Stadium, the Reds got to Clay Holmes in his bout of wildness and turned the tides for a 4-3 win, one they’ll try to duplicate again tonight.

The hope on the Reds end is that Luis Severino won’t be quite as dominant as Gerrit Cole was last evening, and that they’ll get to do some of their offensive work before the last gasp. The hope is also that Mike Minor can do something, anything to a) keep the behemoth Yankee offense off the board and b) desperately try to increase his trade value with the deadline just a couple of weeks away. Those are the two starters tonight, by the way, since this entire thing has apparently turned into restate the obvious like an idiot, Wick.

First pitch is again set for 7:05 PM ET. Go Redlegs.

Reds Lineup

Yankees Lineup